Perfumery Blotters added to our range of Smelling Strips

Following several customer requests for a Perfumery blotter, one has now been set up on our purchasing page.

This has been requested for the size 120 mm by 60 mm.

Premium Aroma Assessment Blotters (120 mm x 60 mm)

Perfumery Blotters

These are suitable for all blotter applications from aerosol assessment through to perfume atomiser aroma assessments.

This size has been requested by several customers so is now offered as a stock item. Stock levels will be determined by customer demand.

These are packed in poly bags, 40 per bag and 50 bags per case.

Now available in bagged 40’s



Shipping rates have also been reviewed and reduced were possible.

I hope these additions and changes are to your liking?

Martin Boast

Customer Services Manager