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Smelling Strips, Shipping News, Perfumery Testing Product

Short Sticks a Smelling Strip Product from LS Materials

Following the cost review on our Premium Aroma Assessment Short Sticks Product I can confirm that interest and sales are both up on this product.

I am sure a keen price on shipping rates across our product ranges has helped too.

So this week will be a short but busy week at LS Materials.

Wishing all a great week.

Martin Boast

Sales Support Manager


Shipping News, Smelling Strips, Perfumery Testing Product

International Shipping Rates Reduce too, LS Materials a smelling strip supply company

We can now ship efficiently to the rest of the world.

Our new shipping arrangement has lead to significant cost reductions to supply to counties such as; India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Customers are already taking advantage of these new shipping rates, available on line.

If you want a specific cost then please ask me!

Martin Boast

Customer Services Manager

LS Materials

Smelling Strips, Shipping News

Premium Aroma Assessment Short Sticks 400 Price Review, LS Materials a Smelling Strips Company

Following the standardization of our resealable bag aroma testing range on Premium Aroma Assessment Short Sticks the costings have been gone over again and good news! The 400 bagged product has been reduced in price.

To confirm pack sizes and costs...

  • Premium Aroma Assessment Short Sticks 400            £2.50
  • Premium Aroma Assessment Short Sticks 36 x 400  £86.00
    • Premium Aroma Assessment Short Sticks 13,000      £77.00

So if you pick our 400 bagged product coupled with our reduced shipping costs you will have a win, win!

Just thought you should know!

Martin Boast

Customer Support Manager

Smelling Strips, Perfumery Testing Product, Shipping News

EU Shipping Rates Reduced at LS Materials, a Smelling Strip Company

Following further review of our new shipping agreements, I am very pleased to announce that EU shipping rates have now been reduced. As seen for UK rates last week!

For some time we have not been happy with shipping rates and have been looking at how these can be reduced and passed onto our customers.

Our new arrangement has allow us to do just that.

I hope you will find these of benefit?

Martin Boast

Customer Support Manager