Smelling Strips

Premium Aroma Assessment Short Sticks (400's, 13,000's or 14,400's)

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Aromatherapy use paper sticks.

This product is is our most cost effective stock product to date, so order yours now!

Product size is typically 112 mm length with a width that can vary from 6 mm to 9 mm.

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This can be purchased in three variants

Individual bags of 400 Short Sticks

Cases of 36 x 400 Short Sticks

Cases of 3 poly bags totaling 13,000 Short Sticks.

Select the product pack size (value) from the drop down menu then the quantity required, the purchase button will then take you to the shopping basket.

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Additional Info

The product is designed to provide an extremely cost effective product for routine aroma testing laboratories where cost is a major factor as well as performance. 

These are papers that are square ended with the following dimensions: 11.2 cm x 0.6 cm. They are packaged in re-sealable poly bag and are offered in bags of 400 or in a carton of 13,000 units. The poly bag is to allow for easy handling and the protection of the product from odour contamination.